I attained an administration education after starting a Personal training course level 4 which I completed in 2014. Shortly after I completed a marketing and communication course focused on sports. In the past seven years that I have been working for myself, I have been helping people reach their goals by providing personal training and advice. I also gained a lot of energy from setting up new concepts that relate to sports.

I found a responsibility that I love to have, helping a company grow. In addition, I have not only experienced how difficult it is to find strong people in a team but also the importance of communication for a company to keep everybody happy. What I love about working at GOH is that I get to combine all these aspects to help and see how people reach their goals, which positively influences the company, making it a great challenge for us to see how GOH can develop even more.

I have a lot of hobbies that fall under sports. Besides running, I like to push my limits in kickboxing lessons or participate in triathlons to set a new record for myself. In addition, I enjoy the time with my daughter and love socializing with family and friends.

LinkedIn profiel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhona-tempelaar-91202879/