I received my Bachelor’s in Kinesiology (Human Movement Science) in Montreal at McGill University in 2015, that same year I took the Personal Training Certificate offered by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, the Gold Standard of Canada. I have since expanded my scope through Corrective Conditioning and Group Fitness Certification and many more continuing education workshops. Currently finishing my Master’s in Human Movement Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam specialized in rehabilitation and older adults.”

I have worked as a personal trainer for 4 years now, I have managed a whole team of 50 people at YMCA in Montreal but most importantly I bring results. Results are measurable changes towards specific goals. I am driven in seeing growth in strength, mobility and overall quality of life whether it be reflected in weight loss, muscle gain, or pain management. GOH is thus the perfect fit where I can amplify the theory behind it through practical, tangible and significant results.

My free time consists of cooking, focusing on my strengthening and mobility, being active outdoors, fixing bikes, and enjoying the wonders of life through travelling.

LinkedIn profiel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolas-bestari-354b2356/